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Already in their early days, starting in 1903, the Adlerwerke built motorcycles, until 1939 then cars. After World War II until 1957 again motorcycles.

The Adler Motor Veteran Club, founded in 1971, is the brand club for the vehicles of the Adlerwerke in Frankfurt / Main.

The aim of the Adler Motor Veteran Club (AMVC) is to preserve all existing Adler vehicles. Also more than
50 years after the end of the production of the Adlerwerke cars and motorcycles from Frankfurt are considered milestones in the history of German motorcycles. The last production day for motorcycles in the Adlerwerke was in October 1957.

The Adler Motor Veteran Club offers its members the following services:

Join the Adler Motor Veteran Club! Only a strong community can help our eagle vehicles live on.


  • You will receive quarterly our member newspaper with about 60 pages
  •  Varied advice from experts 
  •  Help with spare parts procurement 
  •  Free technical advice from the Adler Museum and other Adler specialists

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