A M V C  - Information 2017 
Adler - Motor - Veteranen - Club e.v. Public, registered with local court 64720 Michelstadt / Odenwald.
    • Members: approx. 460, about 391 in Germany, others in A, B, BR, CH, CR, CRO, DK, ET, F, FIN, 

    • GB, H,  I, N, NL, PL, S, USA, ZA, total  21 countries on 3 continents and unregistered in Australia.
    • Vehicles: Bicycles, motorcycles, cars and other manufactured items of the Adler Plant, 1903 - 1957.
    • Clublife: Regional  meetings, annual meeting in August in Erbach/Odenwald, and sometimes other cities. 
    • 4 times a year the  Club Magazin approx.  40 pages, Content: technical,  history, clublife, spareparts market.
    • Others: Consulting in restauration matters, spareparts and spareparts exchange cases, but no spareparts offering.
    • Vehicle types:
    • Bicycles: Standard and 3 gear shift.
    • Motorcycles: Adler-Motorrad No.2 (1903), Adler F & S (1936); from 1948 M 100; Scooter MR 100 Junior; M 125; M 150

    • M 2011; M 200; M 250; MB 150; MB201; MB 200; MB 250; MB 250S; M 280 (for Austria); Favorit; Sprinter
    • Racing RS 250; Six Days; Moto Cross. Total of 20 types.
    • Cars: Adler Nr. 2 De Dion Bouton; Nr. 6; 5/13; 7/17; 6/25; 10/50; 12/30; Favorit; Standard 6; Standard 8; Primus, Trumpf AV; Trumpf Junior; Trumpf EV; 2 Liter; Typ 10/Autobahn, Diplomat 3 Gd, whereby bodies of companies Ambi-Budd/Berlin-Johannisthal, Autenrieht/Darmstadt, Baur/Stuttgart, Buhne/Berlin, Dörr & Schreck/Frankfurt; Drauz/Heilbronn, Hebmüller/Wülfrath-Wuppertal, Hornig/Meerane, Gläser/Dresden, Karmann/Osnabrück, Papler/Colone, Wendler/Reutlingen have been used. Further existing  Adler-Licence-Productions of Automobil companies Rosengart/France, Imperia/Belgium, Berna/Schwitzerland are represented in the club, total of  18 Adler-Automobiltyps und 3 Licence-Productions. Total of  16 types in various bodies - varities 2 License-Models.
    Rules and Regulations of the Adler - Motor - Veteranen - Club e.v.  (AMVC)
    • The AMVC, as a make bound automobil- and motorcycle veteran club in Germany, it is a international consolidation of friends of the Adlerwerke at Frankfurt/Main.
    • The AMVC tries to assist his members in technical consulting and where to obtain spareparts. There is no business involved.
    • The AMVC tries to keep the vehicles of the Adlerwerke, Frankfurt/Main in good order and running, and will improve the relationship between Adler - vehicle owner.
    • Four times a year the Adler club magazin is published, in which club members may advertise at no charge.
    • Besides regional meetings once a year the big AMVC annual meeting is held.
    • The membership entry fee is currently EUR 20,-- and the yearly club fee is currently EUR 65,--. The fees must be paid to the listed club bank account, otherwise by check or bank draft.
    • For the membership wih the AMVC it is not essential to own a Adler vehicle..
    • Club-Membership Application Forms in German  > Download
    Club Bank Account: Commerzbank Frankfurt - Sachsenhausen, Darmstädter Landstr. 7-9, 
    Account Number: 7181811       BLZ 500 400 00    IBAN DE09 5004 0000 0718 1811 00        SWIFT-BIC COBADEFFXXX